Vanity Wallpaper

Vanity Wallpaper


Vanity Wallpaper is watercolor on paper with gold leaf accents. The image depicts a Chinese woman combing her hair.

Vanity Wallpaper is inspired by Chinese women and the roles that they play/ed to uphold imperial traditions. The woman in Vanity Wallpaper is displayed in colorful Hanfu garments that represent youth, resilience, and importance. She combs her hair in order to maintain her vanity, maybe she is getting ready for the day, or letting her hair down, or trying to impress. Her clothes are accented with gold which makes her the staple of the piece but the pattern of her Hanfu robes says otherwise. The pattern that she blankets her body with is part of the background. Her efforts of validation and value begin to dissolve as she becomes the wallpaper.

This piece has an open ended interpretation.

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